Giving is Worship

Thank You!

As followers of Christ, we believe that everything we have really and truly belongs to God. That includes our money and our material property, and it includes our time and the talents and skills we possess. It includes the ground we walk on, the food we put into our mouths, the bed we climb into at night. It includes our very bodies and every breath we take from the moment we are born until we die.

As the caretakers of all God has entrusted to us, we give of our time and money because we are just so incredibly grateful. Generosity becomes our duty and our joy. Gratitude becomes our primary attitude, and there is truly no better state of being than dwelling in gratitude.




For Love’s Sake
For Love’s Sake

Our 2023 Stewardship theme is “For Love’s Sake. . .” As Christians, we believe that God created the world for love’s sake.

We believe that Jesus lived life as a real human being and died a real death on the cross for love’s sake, and that he somehow continues to walk alongside his church and each of us.

And we believe that the Holy Spirit is the activating force that draws us towards living into our identity as children of God, for love’s sake.

And so now, as Christ’s church, everything we are, everything we do is for love’s sake.

Our generosity – both in terms of our financial gifts and the many other ways that people demonstrate commitment through their time and talents – is for love’s sake.

Stories of Generosity For Love’s Sake. . .

Lilly Gathman

Ben Parker